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Aside from his work with athletes, Dr. Glen has been trained in a number of healing modalities. This training allows him to treat a number of ailments, including more challenging, specialized issues. This gives people from all walks of life the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of chiropractic in Missoula, MT.

DOT Physicals

In order to drive a commercial vehicle in Montana and the U.S., all commercial vehicle drivers must undergo a DOT (Department of Transportation) physical. This physical, which the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires, checks the mental, emotional, and physical fitness of commercial motor vehicle drivers. A driver who passes the test has demonstrated the soundness of body and mind that’s required to operate big trucks and other commercial motor vehicle types.

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About Us

Helping patients heal from their pain and injuries is the driving force behind everything that Dr. Glen Maricelli does. He approaches each of his patients with transparency and honesty, tailoring each treatment to the individual. 

His decision to specialize in sports medicine stems from his love of sports and his years as a Collegiate Rugby All-American and two-time National Champion. As an athlete and a coach, he himself has dealt with sports injuries, skeletal and muscle issues, and neck and back pain. Over the years, he has worked extensively with rugby teams and other athletes and is very familiar with the challenges and injuries that athletes face.


We believe in full transparency, and work with a holistic, vitalistic, and natural approach to Chiropractic Care in mind. Helping the body heal in the most natural way is at the forefront of our treatment philosophy. Let us help you live a better life!

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