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Dr. Glen offers DOT Physicals

In order to drive a commercial vehicle in Montana and the U.S., all commercial vehicle drivers must undergo a DOT (Department of Transportation) physical. This physical, which the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires, checks the mental, emotional, and physical fitness of commercial motor vehicle drivers. A driver who passes the test has demonstrated the soundness of body and mind that’s required to operate big trucks and other commercial motor vehicle types.

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What Are DOT Physicals / What To Expect

From unexpected noises to obstructions to their vision, driving sometimes throws a lot of stimuli at drivers all at once. As such, it’s important that drivers have the capacity to hear unexpected sounds, like horns honking, or the unhindered ability to see traffic lights and other cars, even in conditions like snow and fog. 

During your DOT medical exam, Dr. Maricelli will check things like:

He’ll also follow up with you about conditions like sleep apnea and insulin requirements as well as your health history and any other factors that could affect the outcome of the check-up.

Upon successful completion of the DOT physical, you’ll receive the required MCSA-5875 and MCSA-5876 forms, which you’ll carry with you when you’re on the road.

Contact us to make an appointment for your DOT physical or if you have further questions.


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